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Azapp offers super easy, super fast news feed apps tailored to your specific interests. Choose any one of our news feed apps, and start catching up on all the latest information in no time. Just open it and start reading. We’ll collect the best news, videos and articles so you’ll only get the news that interest you. A fan of a Real Madrid? Stop searching sports sites, forums and blogs. Just download Az MMA and get it all in one place. Love the Avengers? No need to go to a general movies site; get Az Marvel for all the latest Marvel scoops. Can’t get enough Game of Thrones theories and rumors? We’ve got you covered with Az Game of Thrones.

On our main feed at any app you’ll find news, articles, videos and updates from multiple content sources; websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Each content unit is displayed as a card, where you can see the headline, the first couple of text lines, featured image or video, original source and how long ago was it posted. You can tap any part of the content to view it fully on a separate page. Tapping the original source will lead the user to it, and out of the app. You can also share the article by tapping on the share icon.

On the bottom of each article page, users can comment and have a discussion using their Facebook accounts. While we will issue dedicated apps for specific events, such as the Olympics or the new Marvel feature film, we aim to focus on creating apps users will use over and over again as their long-term news feeds. In the future, we also hope to engage our users by allowing them to determine future apps, hearing their needs and wants and answering them with a tailored product. There is no need to sign up or register - it’s free, and doesn’t require privacy-violating access permissions. Our apps are hassle-free, lightweight and simple, in order to create the best, most accessible user-experience possible for our users. Our apps are also totally free. Simple and fast; Azapp’s apps are the best way to get up to date, so download them now!

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