News in Application: What to do when Google Play Store is not working?

We have all experienced Google Play Store problem at some point. Whether it is just an error message when downloading some apps or Play Store will not open, there is a solution. It is good to know that there is news in application about the effective ways on what the users have to do when Google Play Store is not working and some of them are as follow.

Check the date and time settings

Google mainly checks the android smartphone’s date and time for Play Store. If the store does not find the time, the tendency is that it could cause some issues. News in application shows how to fix this issue. The users just need to go to settings in the android device and right under the system they should see date and time. Just tap on this, and they will then see whether the phone is set on Automatic date and time that is provided by the network. If it is not already, the user should toggle it on.

Clear Google Play Store Cache

There are cases when you get the Play Store going again through emptying the cache. Cache is the storage area, which temporarily holds the data so it could be quickly retrieved even without the need to be reloaded. The good news in application is that it could solve your problem and this is made even better because emptying is very easy.

Clear out the Play Store Data

Deleting the data from Play Store is similar to erasing. It mainly sets the app back to the square one and at the same time gets rid of the saved information. Always remember when you do this, your databases, information, accounts, settings, and files will be erased. Make sure that you have login information for your account, as it would be taken off the account in Google Play Store.

Install latest version of the Google Play Services

The software’s current version is more stable that is why it is very useful to keep it updated. In this news in application, all you have to do is make sure that your Google Play Store is up-to-date. Just go right into Google Play Store app and then hit menu button. Tap the Settings and under General, you must be able to see the Google Play Store updates. Just tap the Auto-update apps and make sure that the Auto-update apps right over the Wi-Fi is properly checked. Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Check the Disabled Apps

Apps need some other apps to function properly. This is true most especially when you are dealing with the system apps like Google Play Store. If you disabled a certain app, that can be your problem. Fortunately, there is good news in application that can allow you to fix this. Just go into Settings and Application Manager or the Apps and then scroll down to bottom for this is the place where the disabled apps end. If you see disabled services, go right into these. Hit the Enable button and then see if that really helps.