News in Application: Best Android Launchers for your Tablet and Smartphone

In this age of Internet, lots of news in application now dominates right in the world of Internet. As you can observe, there are new developments and major trends, which provide great user experiences. To give you a glimpse, here are the best android launchers you can download in your tablet or Smartphone.


This launcher mainly bridges that gap right between bloatware-heavy as well as low-end launchers that brim with the unwanted apps, and more enthusiastic, intricate launchers. This was developed by Asus, and does not feature trappings of more spam-y and bloatware-y launchers including the awkward menu, set up by default with the trending search suggestions, and accessed with the upward swipe. The users can adjust the grid size of the homescreen and can even theme the folders.

Smart Launcher Pro 3

News in application such as this new android launcher can definitely provide amazing user experience. It has its own unique flavor and begins with short setup procedure in which the user is asked for their preferred dialer app, photo app, and music app from those they have installed. All the users have to do is select them, press start, and they will be dropped right into single homescreen that is populated by six different apps. Swiping the left mainly brings up organized drawer while swiping to the right mainly brings various screens that are designed for widgets.

Google Now

The alternate name for Google Now launcher can be ‘Search Now’ mainly because it absolutely makes the searching faster. This launcher is making news in application for this gives uncluttered, clean experience. The best thing about this launcher is that the icons are well spaced apart and the apps can be sorted right into the logical homescreen and the homescreen itself can be changed through pressing down on ample blank space.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is considered as the undisputed king of the alternate android launchers, so no wonder that this is making great news in application. This holds a spot in almost smartphones. With more than five million downloads in Play Store, fans out there cannot be wrong. This launcher primarily offers a functional and accessible entry point right into the world of launchers. It has a feature called the icon normalization that has become a fan-favorite. It also uses complex algorithms in order to make sure that all icons cover consistent screen area. This only means that unlike fitting icons with the frames of equal sizes, they are just scaled in order to cover same area, thus making it even more appealing to look at.

Buzz Launcher

This launcher in news application offers inventive themes. In addition to that, its own community has come up with the whole range of very professional looking ideas suited for all users’ tastes. This is unbeatable most especially if you want to create a new look right on your android without any effort of creating it yourself, yet the user will need to download additional Buzz Widget app in order to get the most out of it.